Project Poland

20.12.2010, Poznan


In 2009, I have received a Masters degree in Animal Sciences at Wageningen University. My MSc program was kindly supported by the Koepon Stichting. After finishing my MSc, I have decided to continue my education as a PhD student. Thanks to further the Koepon Stichting, in 2010, I have started PhD study that is done in cooperation between Poznan University of Life Sciences and Wageningen University. This cooperation allows me to benefit from knowledge and experience of staff members from both universities, but it also contributes to strengthening bonds between these universities.

In the first year of my PhD, I followed a course Writing and Presenting Scientific Papers" given by Dr. Michael Grossman and "Quantitative Genetics of Selection Response" given by Dr. Bruce Walsh. The fust course aimed to improve presenting and writing skills of its participants while the second one to expand knowledge in the field of quantitative genetics.

I have been also involved in organization of 14th QTL-MAS workshop, organized by Poznan University of Life Sciences and held in Poznan, Poland. The workshop regarded QTL mapping and genomic evaluation techniques for traits with complex genetic architecture.

The workshop was a great opportunity to leam about approaches to work with genornic data in different countries and also to network with scientists from all over the world. In the past year, I have also attended two conferences. First, I have been to 9th World Congress on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production in Leipzig, Germany. I have been by the congress organizers, a scholarship covering participation expenses and gave an oral presentation conceming a part of my PhD project. Second, I have attended Ill-rd Polish Congress of Genetics in Lublin, Poland where I also gave an oral presentation regarding my PhD work. Both congresses allowed me to gain an experience in presenting my work to scientific audience and resulted in many new contacts.

Lastly, first paper conceming my PhD project was accepted for publication and will be published in the January issue of Joumal of Dairy Science. Summarizing, the first year of my PhD was a very good and fruitful experience. I would like to express my cordial gratitude to the Koepon Stichting for the financial support.

With kindest regards,
Marcin Pszczo la