About us

Koepon Stichting (Koepon Foundation) was established in 1997. The goals of Koepon Stichting are to support the development of sustainable livestock production, especially dairy farming, in less-developed countries and to improve the quality of life for people in these counties.

Koepon Stichting invests in long-term, sustainable development of livestock production. It supports the training of people living and working in less-developed areas to enable them to contribute to improvements in their home countries.

To increase the knowledge and skills of young people, Koepon Stiching has offered scholarships for study at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. At this moment and until further notice, there are no scholarships available. For information on past scholarships, including student reports: click on “ Scholarships” .

Koepon Stichting supports research projects involving livestock to contribute to improvements in sustainable foot security conditions for people and animals. You can find more information at the home page: click on "Projects".

Koepon Stichting sponsors workshops and conferences to exchange and expand knowledge about development of sustainable livestock production systems. You can find more information on "Projects".

Koepon Stichting was ANBI registered in January 2008.

For further information on the development of projects that meet the goals of Koepon Stichting, please contact us