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The goals of Koepon Stichting are to support the development of sustainable livestock and aquaculture production in less-developed countries and to improve the quality of life for people in these counties.

Koepon Stichting invests in long-term, sustainable development of livestock and aquaculture production. It supports development of innovations that can be locally adapted and used in the field of livestock and aquaculture production. Furthermore it supports the training of people living and working in less-developed areas to enable them to contribute to improvements in their home countries.

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Koepon Stichting aims to integrate the following 3 pillars to increase the capacity of the local stakeholders and to scale up in a sustainable manner. Koepon Stichting works with young professionals and tries to engage research and decision making organizations and institutions for long-lasting impact on regional development.


Pillar 1

Koepon Stichting supports impact research projects to contribute to improvements in sustainable food security conditions for people and animals.


Pillar 2

Koepon Stichting supports capacity building (including PhD projects) by development of skills and knowledge of young people to contribute to improvements in sustainable food security conditions.


Pillar 3

Koepon Stichting sponsors workshops and conferences to exchange and expand knowledge about development of sustainable livestock and aquaculture production systems.

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'In undertaking farming we undertake a responsibility covering the whole life cycle. We can break it or keep it whole.'

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