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In the north of Bangladesh on islands in the river delta, plinths are being built to protect people and livestock from floods. Since 2006, Friendship has enhanced the design of these plinths. They are now egg-shaped, with a narrow end facing north, and include a freshwater pond, water and sanitation facilities, a school, and sheds for livestock. Each can accommodate 75 permanent residents and 200 temporary shelter seekers with their livestock and belongings. Friendship provides training and education to foster entrepreneurship. The “Terp 2.0” has a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, with 18 currently developed, capable of housing nearly 24,000 people. The construction cost is approximately €50.000 per plinth, preventing a loss of at least €375,000 in assets during emergencies.

Thanks to support from the Stichting Koepon, Friendship can enhance Bangladesh’s readiness by building 1 additional plinth. This plinth can provide permanent housing for over 450 people and their livestock, while accommodating an additional 1200 people during disasters. This can protect a total of 1650 people per year (at least 16,500 over the lifespan of a plinth).

The plinths are built with local community involvement and in collaboration with local government, with landowners donating land in exchange for space on the plinth. Situated at a height of 3 meters in the middle of the Chars, these plinths feature facilities such as schools, a freshwater pond, a community center, and designated space for fish farming and other economic activities. One plinth is a shelter for about 1650 people per year. Equipped with various facilities such as schools, freshwater, and community spaces.

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