Massive Open Online Course – WUR


Wageningen University & Research offers MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) to givebetter access to high quality Education.Koepon Foundation funded two MOOCs: MOOC Evaluating Animal Breeding Programmesand MOOC Genetic Models for Animal Breeding. The two MOOCs are a hugh success,since 2017 nearly 25.000 students of more than 20 different countries, enrolled and finishedthe trainings.To offer education […]

A future for young dairy farmers in Kenya

Koepon Foundation is supporting an innovative dairy project in Kenya. Students and youngfarmers are trained with a hands-on training which is combined with a game basedentrepreneurship course. WUR is performing an impact study.Two dutch companies (Kucheza and DTC) are collaborating with a Kenian college (RVIST)in this project. Kucheza is specialized in training entrepreneurship and uses […]

Adaptive phenotypic and genetic variation in chickens: a landscape genomicsapproach

Fasil is passionate about transforming the lives of smallholder livestock systems in tropicalcountries through agricultural research and development programs. Funded by the Koeponfoundation, he has been developing a new environmental classification system that could beused to understand how tropical livestock adapt to diverse and often extreme climaticconditions, and how climate could affect these populations in […]

Breeding for Salinity Tolerant Tilapia

Salinity Tolerant Tilapia #5

Priadi Setyawan (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) is a modest man with a mission: to breed tilapiathat can thrive in shrimp ponds. Shrimps, like palm oil, are one of Indonesia’s major exportproducts. However, shrimp farming often leads to large-scale disease outbreaks, salinizationand pollution of water. For these reasons, many local farmers aim to change to a moresmall-scale, sustainable […]